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2018 Events Calendar


9 HQ/Task Force Conference Call
11 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
12 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
13 Dinner with Pastors in Philadelphia at 7pm
14 Luncheon with Pastors in New York at 2pm
15 Dinner with Pastors in New Jersey at 5pm
ASLPN Arizona chapter launch


2 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
3 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
National Day of Prayer
5 Pentecostals Pray Conference, Falcon, NC
7 HQ/Task Force Conference Call
 Combined Executive Committee & Coordinators Quarterly Conference Call


4 HQ/Task Force Conference Call
6 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
7 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
13-15 Redeemed Christian Church of God Annual Conference, Dallas, TX


4 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
5 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
9 HQ Conference Call
9-11 Awakening America Imagine Summit
9-14 Christ Apostolic Church North America Annual Convention, Philadephia, PA
14 ASLPN New York Chapter Youth Prayer Summit
17 Intercessors Conference call at 9pm
26-29 Deeper Life Bible Church National Convention


2-6 International Wailing Women Conference in Nigeria
4 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
5 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)


       4 Pastors Conference Call at 9pm ET
       5 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
       6 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
11 Cry Out America

      18 ASLPN Combined Executive Committee, HQ/Taskforce, & State Coordinators Quarterly Conference Call


HQ/ Task Force Conference Call
3 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
4 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
Strategic National Prayer Assembly in D.C.
11-12 National Prayer Training in Washington, D.C.
13 Solemn Assembly Meeting in Washington, D.C.


HQ/Task Force Conference Call (Solemn Assembly Appreciation call)
7 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
8 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)


5 Weekly Prayer Training (Every Wednesday)
6 Weekly ASLPN Prayers (Every Thursday)
11 ASLPN Combined HQ/Task Force, Executive Committee, & Coordinators Quarterly Conference Call