Pastors’ Luncheon – PA, NY, & NJ Region

Pastoring Cities and the Nation for God

Participants at the ASLPN Luncheon and Dinner events held for pastors in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey opined that they were highly inspired and happy to partner with God’s people through ASLPN to take their whole cities and the nation for the Lord.


Speaking on behalf of the others, one lead pastor said that God is happy when his children agree in prayer with His word. Consequently, the togetherness and unity observed at the events was an encouragement to them that God will build His Church and the gates of hell cannot prevail, so righteousness will prevail. They agreed that it is no longer about church denominations but about what God is doing now which should awaken every believer to respond to the heartbeat of God.


While addressing participants, Pastor Michael Obi challenged the pastors to come together in unity and aspire to pastor their cities and nation and not their individual congregations alone. He called upon them to bless the areas in their cities that are most corrupted, crime infested, and of most need. Noting that pastors are gatekeepers, Pastor Obi said that when they show that concern to the people in this category, God will use them to fulfill what is on His heart and positively affect the spiritual atmosphere of their cities and the nation.

Philadelphia Pastors Luncheon

New York Pastors Luncheon

New Jersey Pastors Luncheon