How to Prepare

1. Pray & Trust God. We offer several ways to pray and grow in trusting God. 24 hour Prayer and Training Line: 954-892-6767 then dial access code 313-346-9212#

  • Join us for 24/7 prayer on our prayer line anytime. We praise God for the Wailing Women Worldwide USA and sustaining them in constant prayer since 9/11/2012.
  • We offer prayer training on this line every Wednesday night at 11 pm to midnight EST.
  • Join us for focused corporate prayer on the prayer line every Thursday night 9 pm to 10 pm EST.

2. Tell others. Let others know about the great possibility of a local or national disaster and direct them to this site.

3. Prepare in the natural. When we know a snow storm or hurricane is coming there are steps we can take to get ready. There may be a need for food, power, water, medical supplies, flash lights, and sources of warmth. To be able to minister to the people practical considerations are also helpful like communication plans, “go bags”, ham radio licensing and equipment for the physical. There are also increased spiritual needs for the people in a time of crisis. We can learn from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, tornadoes, massive snow storms, floods, etc. to train and organize now to be able to help:

  • Our families, churches and businesses be self sufficient and not a burden on the authorities. Being prepared to ‘shelter in place’ will reduce stress. And you might not be able to get supplies for awhile.
  • Be a catalyst for a Romans 8:28 resurgence of awakening from the difficulty by providing both physical & spiritual sustenance as possible.

Helpful links:

Many other excellent resources are available – this is just a sampling.

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