Spread the Word

Use the following tools to assist us in spreading information about ASLPN and help us rally the grassroots for more prayer for America:

  1. Copy and paste into browser to download the current mobilization brochure.


2. Sign up to receive the ASLPN Newsletter and share the link with your friends.

3. Join Christian ASLPN on FACEBOOK.

4. Follow ASLPN on TWITTER. (@FollowASLPN)

5. See ASLPN’s Youtube page to learn more about Prayer

  1. ASLPN Prays

6. Watch the ASLPN 2018 Solemn Assembly & Prayer Training promo video


7. Watch the ASLPN DC 2012 Promo for “A Call to Prayer for America.”

  2. Vimeo

8. See the recap of the initial ‘Africa Prays for America’ DC 2010 on videos:

  1. Promotional message Eagles Wings Ministries 2010
  2. ASLPN promo message

9. Watch the ASLPN Solemn Assembly 2014 Promo


We expect the future efforts of the united body of Christ to yield even more fruit for the Kingdom.