History and Intercession

History and Intercession

All through man’s history, intercession has played a positive role in the redemption of individuals and society whenever there is a need for intercessors to arise.


God has trained many intercessors to be able to respond to the cries of our days. Once trained, such people should be positioned to apply all that has been learned through the training period, to issues in the families, communities, nations and the world, which require God’s intervention at the appropriate time and venue. James 1:22 tells us to be both hearers and doers of God’s Word as we learn.


As there are different matters that call for prayers, so there are different levels to address them- whenever things are not in alignment with the divine plans of God. There are several levels of prayers:
  • Personal Level- this is where you need to pray for yourself in such areas as sickness, jobs, businesses, marriages, families, and such matters.
  • Ministry- this level calls for prayers to understand, respond and sustain the ministry and call that God has given to each of us.
  • Regional– there are times when we need to come together in regions, sections and units to address matters of common concern to these areas in our prayers.
  • National- there are times such as during national emergencies like natural disasters, national crisis or national problems, that believers should unite in prayer for their nations.
There are many examples from Genesis to Revelations when men such as Noah, Moses, Elijah, Abraham and others- especially Jesus Himself, prayed on behalf of these things mentioned here and more, and saw God’s intervention in those things. The sad thing however, is that there have been times when God sought for a man to stand in prayer for these, and found no one- Ezek. 22:30. When someone agrees with God and stands, there is usually great power released from Heaven to confront the issues at stake. Heaven is sure to respond to heartfelt prayers on behalf of these, and release a hedge that will keep people safe. Sometimes, God will allow us to sustain prayer for a season until the harvest time, then He uproots the tares that have been sown, so that the wheat can be harvested.


It is necessary to keep some thoughts in mind as we pray:
  • History is replete with Divine injection of the power and workings of God when He is called into situations. He will do it again- therefore, history belongs to intercessors.
  • Go can work with one man or many 1 Sam. 14:6.
  • People- flesh and blood- are never our enemies, and our prayers should be filled with compassion and seeking for God’s mercy and grace for all people.
  • God can undo in a single sustained time of prayer and fasting, what the enemy has put so much energy, arsenal and plan into building for a long time.
  • There has to be an awakening to prayer, to a need, to a war cry, to pray; in our hearts, Churches and among all people of prayer.
  • There needs to be focused, sustained and clear prayer targets and points- know who, what and why we are praying.
  • There needs to be a sacrificial altar in our praying- that is , the determination, sacrifice and efforts to pray and get results. Sometimes this may cost us- times of fasting, staying before the Lord and getting away from our places of comfort.
As it was in the time of Esther, there is a need for the people of God to call upon the Lord, seek His face and entreat Heaven for a blessing on our Lives, our families, communities, Churches and Nations, to be people and places where Jesus is recognized, honored and worshipped.

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